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Founded in 1995, Elimex is one of the leading companies in the manufacture of chairs made of solid wood. With 10 000 chairs a month we are among the companies with the largest production capacity in Bulgaria. A large share of the manufactured chairs is from our vintage collection – Viennese models.

We have a wide range of over 150 models of chairs, stools, bar stools, and armchairs. In our rich collection, you will find models for every taste and style: from chairs with classic and clean lines through timeless Viennese chairs to modern and luxurious models. All our products are of high quality and have precise workmanship.

Approximately 99% of our production is for export. We have customers all over Europe, as well as Israel, Canada, the USA, and Japan. We meet our customers’ needs for both design and comfort, and we approach with respect and professionalism all their requests.

Стол от масив бук или дъб - 1392S1

Modern chairs

The chairs in the dining room should be used not only comfortably but also pleasant in appearance. Our models are designed to provide you with comfort even during the longest feasts. Present yourself in different styles – choose the one that suits you best. There are chairs with upholstery for extra comfort, as well as stackable chairs – ideal for small spaces.


Is there anything more enjoyable than sitting in a comfortable armchair with a newspaper in hand and a cup of coffee at your fingertips?

Кресло от масив бук – 1325A
Стол от масив бук - 1345S

Viennese Chairs

Viennese chairs are an integral part of modern furniture design.
They are still found in homes and cafes, which are characterized by constant elegance. They are made of heat-treated and exposed in special molds beech sticks / so-called boiled beech /.


Here you will find designer, classic, wooden, upholstered bar stools of high quality. Each of the models can be ordered in a different color of the material or upholstery.
The barstools we offer are suitable for interiors of bars, homes, restaurants, and more.

Дървен бар стол от масив бук или дъб - 1326B



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