How to create comfortable chairs?

The creation of comfortable chairs requires skill and flair, experience and knowledge. Quality, design chairs meet all ergonomic rules. They are anatomically balanced and balanced without compromising on comfort, strength or style.

Several features are important for the creation of comfortable chairs, which are kept in the ELIMEX TROYAN factory:


Seeking the new, original vision of the chairs, designers at first glance create new shapes. But this form must first of all be functional. The backrest and chair seat create a cozy, non-stressing environment for the body. Some chairs models are with armrests.


The height of the chair is very important for the convenience of sitting in it. The feet should touch the ground, and at the bar chairs, have comfortable footstools. There are chairs with a height adjustment mechanism, these are mostly office chairs.

Width of the chair

It should be optimal. Deep chairs are not comfortable for everyone. The chairs should not be too narrow, there must be at least a few inches of free space on the seat.

In order to create the ideal chair, an optimized combination of shape, height, width, design, material for a particular purpose is needed.

When designing a chair, it is created with a purpose - for a dining room, office, restaurant, garden or other place. This is because, for different types of activities, the human body occupies different positions in which it should feel comfortable. These features change in chairs with different functions. According to them, the ergonomics of the chair is designed, giving it a certain style and design. The chairs are designed for dining, garden, bar stools, office chairs, visitor chairs, dining chairs, armchairs, armchairs, lounges and more.

Some chairs have upholstery that makes them more comfortable. Other chairs can additionally be used with decorative pillows.

When choosing chairs, a personal sense of convenience is sought. The presence of a wide variety in the production of ELIMEX TROYAN allows for a great choice between style, design, purpose and comfort.

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